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Friday, April 1, 2011


Spring is here! 

Actually around these parts, it really isn't. But those buttercup flowers really brighten things up don't they? Here's another Buttercup that can really brighten your day:

 Isn't that such a sweet face? I know first hand what a sweetheart this dog is, as she's spent lots of time at my house putting up with my own little Facey dog. Buttercup's mom had to go out of town recently, and luckily a friend was able to watch her. These cookies were a thank you to him and his family:

 Bite-size buttercup flowers! The perfectionist in me is irritated that real buttercups only have 5 petals and I happened to only have a 6 petal cookie cutter. So... you know, just ignore the 6th petal.

Some food and water bowls

 And of course some Snoopy style (that's how I think of them) houses! Or as my son Matthew put it, these are all "Blue's Clues cookies," anything in this house with a paw print on it is automatically Blue's Clues!

I think these are a perfect thank you! Would my friends be more inclined to watch Facey while I'm gone if I gave away cookies? Probably not. Facey has gotten herself a reputation as being a handful (a claim that is not unfounded!)... it might take a lot of cookies for someone to take her on! Anyway... enjoy your "Blue's Clues" cookies!

oh and by the way...
Happy April everyone!
{Am I the only one who can't believe it's already April?}


  1. I know, can't believe it myself. And to make matters worse, Karli is turning 19 on the 5th!!

    PS, Kathy didn't post this, I did, Aunt B.

  2. The cookies turned out great Melanie! I had a few jealous coworkers when they realized the Killer Zebras box wasn't for them - and hopefully one very happy coworker, and family - if he doesn't eat them all before he gets home;)

  3. Really beautiful! I would be tormented to eat such a great looking cookie. I told Sandie already that you're an incredible artist!

  4. Melanie I would like 4 big (3X5) cookies in turquoise and peach of a beach themed soroity party: flip flops, palm tree, sunglasses, and a cocktail (martini glass) ok please...I need these ready by Tuesday please. Mary (Oma's neighbor)

  5. Luckily the co-worker and my husband, didn't eat all the cookies before he got home!
    They looked and tasted fabulous! Buttercup was easy to look after, she is a sweet sweet dog, and fell in love with Max.
    Great art work!...loved them! :)
    Thanks Sandie

  6. I'm so glad you guys liked the cookies Tamzin! I can tell Buttercup had a great time, and I think she might miss her Max;)