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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This is my entroposcope:

and clearly entropy is decreasing.
Be on the lookout for an occurance of unprecedented weird.

...Thursday Next? Anyone? Anyone? Ok maybe that's just the nerd in me.



When I was getting Easter candy for Matthew, it occurred to me that he doesn't really need candy, and he really does love cookies way more than candy. So cookie jellybeans it is!

Here he is with his Easter basket from Oma, he had so much fun on Easter morning! 

This is his Easter basket from Aaron and I... there's something lacking in presentation here, but I think we made up for it in one aspect:

Woody and Bullseye saved us here!

The Easter bunny decided to visit us too!

I debated putting this picture up... I'm not really a fan of pictures taken of me right after I wake up! But check out what I'm holding - I haven't experimented with macarons in a while, so I'll have to make some again! You can count on a post about them, hopefully soon!

Matthew loved his jellybean cookies, and I have to say - perfect size for a toddler!

Happy Easter

everyone! Hope yours was as great as ours!


  1. LOVE the Thursday Next reference! Looks like you had a fun Easter. By the way, Sandie was over tonight and pointed out that I own a guitar cookie cutter (that I had forgotten about). Any interest in doing guitars cookies??

  2. Love Thursday Next - and LOVE the jelly beans! Also looking forward to experiments from your Easter gift! Glad you guys had a great Easter!

  3. We miss you, come back......what a perfect weekend it was...and congrats on your huge cookie order!! I knew you could do it!

  4. What cute jelly beans! That is perfect instead of candy! You control the amount of sugar!! Great job as always!!