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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's day lace cookies

Quick note before you check out this post, if you haven't checked to see if you are a winner of the giveaway, scroll down to the next post or click here!

Finally some pictures. These are the cookies I'm sending out for the winners! For Mother's Day I wanted to do something very feminine. For some reason I just don't work with the color purple a lot (I guess it just doesn't come up very often) so I thought I would go with a purple theme. Lace reminds me of my own mother, especially because she makes all of her own clothes... and by clothes I mean dresses because she wears nothing else! And yes, you read that right. My Mom makes all of her own clothes. Nearly every dress is trimmed or somehow complimented with some kind of lace, so I think of her when I see lace.

These next ones were more of some experimentation. I've done some like this before but never so large and never with such contrasting colors. What do you think?

They remind me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it... maybe some old vintage fabric I saw at my Grandmama's house? She has lots of fabric, seeing as she makes her own clothes as well. Or at least, she did. She's over 90 now so I'm thinking she doesn't sew as much anymore!

I had to throw in some more flowers... what is Mother's day without lots of flowers?

So what are your Mother's Day plans, are you going to see your Mom? Is your family doing something special for you? Word from Aaron is that he has a suprise for me... I can't wait to see what it is!

For the Mothers in my life I have a very special something that I'm going to be baking for them (non cookie related!). I haven't made them in a long time so I'm hoping they come out good. I'll be posting a recipe up this week!

Don't forget to tell your Mother that you love her!


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous! I love the colors:) My husband, my 3 boys and I are going out to breakfast but we have to go Saturday instead of Sunday cuz of my hubby's work schedule, he works Sun thru Thurs...but that's ok:)

  2. Again... WOW! Those turned out beautiful!

  3. Wow those are impressive! Way pretty. I would almost feel bad eating them but man they look yummy too lol.

  4. BEA-U-tiful, gorgeous works of art girl! I would have a hard time chewing till I got the tasted the deliciousness no doubt!