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Thursday, February 23, 2012

it's been a long year...

I've disappeared from this blog for quite some time now... and I haven't posted any cookies in nearly a year! I announced in my last post that I was pregnant, and I haven't posted since then because... well, mainly because I don't have easy pregnancies and life just gets busy on top of everything else!

I'm happy to announce though:

my little guy is here!

say hello to
Miles Aaron

Or as I call him at home, my sweet little one. Why? Because he is the sweetest little guy ever (on a side note he is not remotely little - he's enormous for his age!). And I mean ever. He never cries, and all he wants to do all day is snuggle and smile at you. Not to mention he's been sleeping 7 hours at night since he was a week and a half old... I'd call that sweet!

We also have a very proud big brother Matthew, he absolutely adores Miles. I'm sure that will change in time... but it has been almost 2 months and it's still going strong!

And in other good news... now that Miles is out of me (finally), my aversion to the smell of cookies has gone away! To be honest that's sort of a double edged sword. Especially with all this pregnancy weight to lose.

I'll sort that part out later, though.

I'm getting excited to get back in to the cookie making mode, and I have a few pictures to show you guys as I did manage to make a few batches while pregnant. Cookies to come very soon!


  1. welcome back!!
    adorable baby..
    and big brother!!
    you've gotta be a very proud Mom!!
    warmest hugs..

  2. Congratulations on baby Miles! I just had a baby too - a girl - born on January 9, 2012. You're right, those babies definitely slow down the cookie process. If only mine slept through the night!