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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

monsters and a monkey

Halloween is not my holiday. Never has been. I don't have any problem dressing up - I love dressing up! But if I want candy, I will just go buy it. I've really never been able to get in to the spirit of Halloween - but it is quickly becoming apparent that Matthew loves it!

Here he is two years ago:

and last year (the expression on his face cracks me up every time!)

He gets so into it, and this year he was old enough to help me with cookie ideas... because I am always extremely lazy about this holiday. But this year we decided on monster faces (with a few spiders and skills mixed in)... and we sat for an evening drawing lots and lots of monster faces in my sketch book. We came up with way more than the number of cookies we made - so if I'm really lazy I'll have something for next year!

In my Halloween-induced laziness, I chose to go the easy route and iced everything in black and white, and then just painted them. Which meant Matthew could help that much more! He's really in to helping lately but he just can't when I'm making cookies for someone else... so he was very excited that there was actually something he could do this time!

Which meant we started with this...

and turned them into this...

Matthew thought they were awesome, and I just find them sort of hilarious!

And in typical Halloween fashion - I forgot to take proper pictures {do it every year} and only thought of it halfway through the party we brought them to... at which point they were mostly gone. However I did see several other people taking pictures so maybe I'll come across some at some point!

I keep thinking this would be a fun kid's party at some point... kind of like a coloring book but with cookies. I'll have to make that happen sometime soon.


And what is Matthew for Halloween this year? Well for months he has been begging to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, and for Mile to be Curious George. I told him that if he still wanted that when Halloween came - that's fine with me! I assumed that fickle Matthew would change his mind about a hundred times before we got to today, but he's been dead set on it. So here they are from the party on Saturday (hopefully I'll get better pictures of the boys tonight!)...

...aaaand here's Miles the next morning. They let us sleep in on Sunday... which turned out not to be such a great thing, as Matthew was sharing candy bars with Miles all morning. We woke up to a very happy, messy, hyper child. {I'd like to point out that this picture does not do the situation justice. Just imagine chocolate caked everything - and everywhere - and you'll start to have an idea.}

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