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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well, Christmas is almost here... and I've been making cookies like crazy. Now that I'm finally finished, and everything has been shipped, I actually have a chance to put some pictures up! Props to all those bloggers out there that gets posts out on a regular basis while still having a life. I haven't figured that one out yet. 

I didn't get to do Christmas cookies last year... thanks to Miles being due December 28th, making cookies was the last thing on my mind (and thanks to my vanilla aversion, it was the last thing I wanted to be near!) He tried to thwart me again this year, but I managed. 

 That kid right there is a troublemaker. Don't be fooled by those chipmunk cheeks and innocent blue eyes... if you turn your back for even a second he will find a way to simultaneously empty the garbage on the floor and pull all of the clean clothes out of the dryer. Well his newest discovery is my cabinet where I keep cookies cutters. Guess who walked in to a kitchen blanketed in those things! Let me tell you, stepping on a cookie cutter is about equal to stepping on a lego. Oh yah, and he dumped the legos on the floor, too. 

But despite my sweet helper, I managed quite a few cookies this year. In fact, I may even have enough to post one design each day until Christmas! I did several large and small designs. The chocolate cookies are all small, about an inch-ish long. For a look at my process, here it is...

I hope you enjoyed these, and I have many more to show! 
A few good - no, great -recipes as well!

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