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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

an early Valentine's Day party

Matthew has been begging to decorate cookies, so on Monday we invited a few friends over and had an early Valentine's Day cookie decorating party!


The kids had so much fun - we had icing and sprinkles to decorate with, and I also iced a few in advance so that the kids could use my food markers to draw pictures.

But of course my child was writing things on all of his cookies, he is so proud to be learning to spell! Here is his "Mommy Daddy Miles Matthew" cookie (complete with cheesy grin)...

There was lots of taste testing going on...

But the kids got the hang of it pretty quick, and they did such a good job!

And this little lady can certainly hold her own with the boys 
(which is fortunate, because just look at that face)!

 Love the cheesy grins!

The cookies turned out great, if a little over done in some cases.

 Wait, I think that one deserves a closeup...

According to Charlie, "Matthew told me that my cookie looks incredible!" 

Seriously, we had a lot of fun. Matthew absolutely loved it and keeps asking to do it again! Which we will, when I'm ready to combat that mess again.

And now for me to start on my own Valentine's cookies...

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