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Friday, April 22, 2011

spring animals

When I saw this lamb cookie cutter I just knew I had to try it out, it's just too cute! I was pretty tired the night I did these and so there isn't a lot too them... looking back, maybe I should have put a little bow or bell around his neck. I'm always a fan of clean lines though and I kind of feel like this little guy is what Spring is all about - new life - just bright and clean, and undisturbed. I did feel as though he needed something more though.

This guy didn't photograph well, but in person he's a lot cuter. I just used regular sugar to sand him with, and the effect is a slightly fuzzy baby lamb. So cute!

These rabbits are the same - pretty basic, but I love them anyway! Sometimes less is more I think. I'm not loving the pink one, although to be fair when I mixed the pink color the night before it was a lot lighter - all icing colors deepen within 24 hours of mixing them, but I have found some colors go a lot darker than others. 

Here is a closeup. I really need to get a better camera! The ears and nose have pink on them, but the flash of my camera detracts from that. Of course, if I don't use the flash all of the pictures come out fuzzy. Anyone want to donate a really nice camera to me? ...I thought not.

Now for some color! White is nice - but I love the bright colors of this time of year! This cookie cutter was supposed to be a bumble bee, but I like being able to take one shape and turn it into something else. I had to do an orange one. This is my throwback to the Monarch butterfly - which I use to see a lot of in the town I grew up in: Merrimack, NH. I don't see a whole lot of butterflies out here in Washington.

More butterflies. How could anyone not love butterflies?

And of course I had to do some bumblebees too, since that's what the cookie cutter was meant for! Although, I personally thought the bumblebees on the packaging of the cookie cutter were really ugly. I hate the phrase "think outside the box"... but it really applies to making cookies. Anyway that's half the fun - just coming up with your own designs!

And what would make a cute little bumblebee happy? Some flowers of course!

Happy Almost Easter guys - only a few more days! Be sure to check back, I have more Easter designs coming!


  1. My coworkers were the lucky recipients of most of these cookies - They were so cute and so AWESOME! I really love the little bumble bees ~too cute! I'm not sure who is more popular at my work right, or me;)

  2. You did a super job with all of these...I really like the lambs, too!

  3. These cookies are wonderful! I especially love the butterflies and lambs!

  4. ooh wee! Cute cookies get me so excited! Love your butterflies and lambs too!

  5. I love it when you go to "off label" uses with a cutter! It makes me rethink my own.