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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a quick update

Easter is nearly here! I'm excited for this year because my little Matthew is finally getting old enough to start understanding holidays. Although, he told me he did NOT want to see the Easter Bunny or do an egg hunt... until I told him there would be candy involved to which he said "egg hunt please!"

 I have so much to put up on the blog but of course the busier I am baking, the less time I have to post. So here is just a quick update with a couple cookie designs from last week, not my favorites I think but I like to experiment with new shapes and designs!

 As Easter is getting closer I think the post about wedding cookies will have to wait for next week (I can't wait to show you guys though!) - but check back again this week as I have some really cute stuff to show you! How are you guys preparing for Easter?

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