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Thursday, April 14, 2011

easter chick cookies

My sister Sandie found these cookie cutters a couple weeks ago and said she couldn't resist getting them! I like that they aren't just the standard rabbit/egg/chick kind of thing. I especially liked the rabbit popping out of the egg, but in my mind I saw little chicks in bunny outfits. Is that what they look like? That's what they are supposed to look like.

I had to do at least one actual bunny!

My only problem here was decorating the eggs... I have this weird issue with decorating eggs. I always have! Hand me an egg to decorate and my mind goes completely blank. Due to this, my egg decorating may be somewhat less than inventive. I'll have to get in some more practice before Easter gets here! What is your favorite way to decorate an Easter egg?


  1. I love that these highlight your artistic flair - that's what jumped out at me when I saw them! And I fell in love instantly with your chicks in bunny costumes:)

  2. Your cookies are soooo cute! And yes, they do look like little chicks wearing bunny outfits!

  3. Melanie you are so talented my dear!