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Monday, April 11, 2011

a bit of spring

Spring is finally here... which means here in Washington we still have a while before we get any weather that is actually decent. At least we are headed there though! With April here, I've started getting a lot of Spring and Easter requests. I love the bright colors this time of year so that's just fine by me! I've got a few designs to show you guys so I'll have to break them up into multiple posts.

Some bright flowers seemed like a great way to start the season! Tulips are a favorite of mine and always remind me of this time of year. When I was about 5 my mom bought some lovely pink tulips and we planted them around our front porch. Every year I looked forward to them blooming because they were something I actually helped plant! Random memory: I remember one year my sister Sandie and I picked the petals off of the tulips and put them in plastics bags with water. Then we went around our neighborhood trying to sell them as homemade perfume. We were so proud of ourselves!

 I can't wait to see some flowers booming around here! And along the line of plants...

How about some cute little carrots?

 Carrots naturally remind me of the Easter Bunny... another random childhood memory: When I was little I wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny and left it in my empty basket the night before Easter. My siblings teased me about it... until the next morning when I was the only one that got a card from the Easter Bunny, and a pair of earrings as a thank you for the note. HA! In your face! That's just generally to all of my brothers and sisters since I can't actually remember which ones teased me.

 You know I love you guys.

I hope everyone out there is starting to feel winter thawing. That especially goes out to all of my New England friends - you guys had a rough winter. I miss living there but I can't say I was missing it while watching the weather reports last winter! 

More spring - or more specifically, Easter - cookies to come this week! Hopefully I'll have time to post, I may have bitten off more than I can chew this week... wish me luck!


  1. Oh I love these (especially the carrots!), the tulips are also just in time for the Tulip Festival - another sign of spring!

    I totally remember selling "perfume" around the neighborhood! That was so funny - especially since we sold ALL the bags! 25 cents for a baggie of flower-water. Remember that guy who didn't speak very good english? He was so confused as to what perfume was, then finally after 5 minutes of us trying to explain he finally asks "do you eat it?" Bwahaha!! We stifled giggles and vigorously shook our heads "yes!" and sold another bag!! LOL good times:)

    I don't remember the Easter Bunny thing though - bit it's entirely possible that I was one of the siblings teasing you :)

  2. They turned out very cute Mel. You do great work.
    ne of these days maybe I'll get to taste one! Oh but I did, my "Apple~Tinis" They were very yummy.
    Thank you again.
    Aunt B.

  3. What a happy pretty and well Thank you so much was all I could to not steal one!

  4. Adorable cookies!!! Only problem is I can't taste them!!!! Love your MIL, you lucky girl!