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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

French themed thank you cookies

 Recently my mother-in-law, Kathy, watched Matthew for us for 3 days and he even spent 2 nights at her house! That week was supposed to be her week to relax at home by herself but she did us a big favor in helping out. I wanted to do something as a thank you, and I know how much she loves anything with a French theme!

Moi aussi.

The Eiffel Tower was an obvious first choice. There's just something enchanting about it, no? Kathy is lucky enough to have actually been there (I have not though... yet), so I knew she'd enjoy these.

The fleur-de-lis was my next choice. It's hard to tell from these photos (my camera is on the fritz and so my pictures are somewhat less than perfect!) but that shine is because they are brushed with gold. I know Kathy collects all kind of things with this symbol on it, and since the fleur-de-lis is technically a lily flower it counts as spring-y too... right? Maybe not.

I needed a third black and white design, and I thought the silhouette gift I made her for Mother's Day last year was the perfect thing to finish it off. What do you think? Word is, she likes them so much she is having them preserved... I hope at least some of them get eaten! After all, that's what they are for! Although I like the idea of somehow making fake cookies that look real but wouldn't go bad... maybe as ornaments? Would that be of interest to anyone?


  1. Oooooo la, love, love them, and your right I can't eat them they are too pretty! Thank you so so much!

  2. Amazing! Your blog makes me hungry! But it would be neat if you did Christmas ornament cookies, too.

  3. out of curiosity, who were your models for the silhouette cookies? The top one looks like your cutie-pie Mattchew-Man, but the other one looks like it might be different? Is this something you could customize on a cookie if I sent you a picture?

  4. Actually they were both of Matthew, but I was stupidly in a hurry to finish them and in my rush I broke one of the silhouettes... so I had to piece it back together lol. That Probably has something to do with why it doesn't quite look like him! And yes, I can most definitely do ANY silhouette if I was sent a picture!