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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day barely in time

Ok I'm a little late but technically it's 10 PM and therefore still St. Patrick's Day! This really isn't a big holiday for me... I'm not Irish, I'm German. But holidays are fun no matter what, especially if you have children! My little Matthew man recently started preschool...

 {adorable picture of Matthew on his first day of school, this proud mom just had to include this... he was practically bursting with excitement in case you can't tell from his face!}

...and he has apparently been telling people that he likes to make cookies with mommy. I was talking to the owner and mentioned that I'd love to make cookies for his class sometime... so here we are! They had a St. Patrick's Day party this week and we brought cookies for the class! 

I'll be honest, this is not my best work... these were pretty rushed. Regardless, the kids loved them and Matthew was so proud to be bringing cookies in to his class!


Happy {a little late} St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I still love those tiny clovers on the pots of gold! They are so cute and perfect!

  2. Silly Melanie, you are most definitely part Irish, almost a quarter Irish, I believe. And the cookies look fabulous too :)
    PS, I just love that picture of Matthew!

  3. Melanie they are beautiful!!!