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Monday, December 24, 2012

a christmas assortment

It's Christmas Eve! Well, the morning of anyway. Matthew could not be more excited... and actually I'm pretty excited too. This has been hard long and hard - but good - year. And I feel our Christmas this year is going to be our best yet. And thankfully I have my shopping done, Santa has his shopping done, and all of my cookies have been shipped or handed out. Tomorrow I clean house in preparation for family (and to try and get an early handle on what will surely be a tornado coming through our home Christmas morning)... and I can sit back. So happy about that.

I had so many cookies to show off this year, and I got a late start posting them, so I figured I would do a group post. This is a general assortment of the larger cookies I did... here is a favorite one of mine:

It's truly hard to capture the iridescent colors just right. The more I 
photograph the better I'll get though (in theory...). 

I had several people tell me the bells and big bows were their favorites. Truthfully, I only did one large bow cookie in the beginning, and it was only to cover up a somewhat failed experiment. (The bow cookie pictured above is that cookie!) But after a few comments I decided to make a few more, and I'm glad I did...

I might fit one more post in before Christmas is over... but in case I don't...

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can not believe Matthew in this picture... when did he stop being my 
toddler and turn in to such a kid...


  1. What a great shot of those marvelous boys!

  2. This is a lovely set - so many great ideas! Love the faux bois, the bell and the ribbons! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Kristina

  3. Melanie ~ Opa ate the present with the bow...all the others I couldn't bear to eat and there were frozen after everyone that was here for the holidays admired them...I still bring them out to show off when guests if they hadn't gotten stuck in the postal delievery system we might have eaten them all, so I was actually glad that happened.

  4. Also you need to add the Pinterest button on your blog so we can pin the pictures we like...have you pinned that first picture, you should!