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Thursday, December 20, 2012

twinkle lights

Christmas lights are beautiful, there's no denying it. But one of my absolute favorite things at Christmas time, ever since I was little, is twinkle lights. Technically I suppose they are C7 bulbs. Whatever. The best part is that they each blink independently... which means that on your tree you have different colored lights twinkling...

That's our tree this year... I always get a lot of comment on the lights. And every year it seems a little harder to find replacement bulbs, so maybe they are on their way out... but I certainly hope not. In any case, I've seen many people's interpretations of Christmas lights done in cookie form. Here is mine...

 And here is a closer look at number 4, because it's hard to see in such a small picture:

Step 5 is where these lights come to life... the base of the bulb was painted with gold lustre dust mixed with a little brown coloring to make a sort of bronze color (the black tip is also painted with this to make it metallic)

I did the bulbs a mixture of colors but for every one of them I used lustre dust (I always keep the white pearl color on hand because it can be mixed with any gel color!) to give them a little bit of a twinkle effect.

These are hands down my favorite cookies I did this Christmas. But how can you not love something that reminds you of Christmas as a kid?


  1. Where did you find this cookie cutter? I don't like the ones I've found. This one is adorable! And did you use dry luster dust? Or did you use it mixes with an alcohol and painted on?

  2. Hey! I was wondering where you got this cookie cutter? And also, when you say you use luster dust to color them. Do you dry brush it on? Or is it mixed with an alcohol to turn it into a pain?

  3. love the cookies! my question is, did u paint the colored cookies with lustre dust and gel or did u airbrush them?

  4. I was wondering if u painted the colored cookies or airbrushed them?