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Sunday, April 21, 2013

tutus and leopard print

I'm getting so far behind in my posts! I have so many cookies I haven't posted, so I'm going to try  getting several short posts over the next week! These were for a baby shower, here is the invite...

I'm a sucker for girly themes - I just don't have enough pink in my life! Not with having 2 boys anyway. This zebra was one of my favorites...

And I got a lot of feedback when I posted the leopard print on instagram!

This little lion was another of my favorites, I love the leopard print in his mane!

I loved these zebra print cookies as well... with a name like Killer Zebras I feel like I should do more of this kind of thing but I really haven't done many animal prints! (so many possibilities there, I'll have to explore it more!)

And here are all of the characters... seriously I could never resist a combo of pink, tutus, and cute animals. So sweet!

1 comment:

  1. Such wonderful cookies Melanie! I SO admire your talent!