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Thursday, July 18, 2013

feathers and such

 First of all I have to say that these are some of my favorite cookies that I've made.
 I mean seriously... feathers! I'd never done them before, and to be honest it was hard finding a cutter for them (especially one that didn't look cartoon-y to me) so in the end I made my own. I didn't want to hand cut them because I had a lot to make...

These were for my friend Kelsey's wedding. She was doing a magpie theme so we went with a combination of feathers, footprints, and their initials.

She even had a cool font picked out for their initials. 

 I liked the addition of the footprints because the feathers and initials are bold, and the footprint cookies have a simpler feel to them.

A couple more of those feathers, just because I liked them so much... in fact I must have liked them, because they were packaged up in Valentino boxes. Because apparently I'm that fancy...

 And here they are at the wedding (I love seeing my cookies "in action", so to speak)

1 comment:

  1. Ok never heard of a magpie theme, but you hit it out of the ballpark with these!