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Friday, April 20, 2012

houndstooth monograms

A quick cookie post for you guys! These were a birthday gift from my sister Sandie to a girl she used to nanny. Her name is Whitney, and while she may be a teenager now... I remember watching her a couple times when she was about 6 months old!


 Here they are originally, with the W's just in black, but they were too flat looking. 

There's a definite difference between the two pictures - but in person it was ten times that! These were so much fun to make, particualarly because I love houndstooth - but also because it was fun to do the different fonts! Originally I drew out a few W's for Sandie to choose from and I was thinking I would just have her choose one or two... but there were so many fun ones that I just decided to make each one different.

I never do things the easy way.

I'm happy with how they came out, and here are some closeups of a few of my favorites:

That's my quick cookie post - life, as usual, is hectic. So I'm glad I could get this much in! I'm excited for my next post though, it possibly my favorite cookies I've done yet! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Ahh man! I saw the W's and thought you were making some for me!!