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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

my very own easter bunnies

This year time did not allow for making Easter cookies. Between a new baby and crazy new work schedules for both Aaron and myself, time doesn't allow for much of anything extra at the moment. So instead of Easter cookies, I'm offering up my adorable boys for a look at some Easter cute-ness.

To say Matthew was excited about Easter and the Easter Bunny would be an understatement. If this picture didn't make it clear enough, how about this one:

He was especially excited that his Easter basket had a pirate on it... because in our house apparently we do pirates with Easter... most of that evening he pretended to be the Dread Pirate Burns, complete with bunny ears and a "captain hook hand"

 And our sweet Miles wasn't left out of the fun! Admittedly he had no idea that anything out of the ordinary was going on, but he got the cutest stuffed Easter Bunny from his Oma and he cuddled that thing like crazy! In fact when I checked on him during his nap, he had a long ear in each little fist. Way too cute.

What did you all do for Easter? We went and had our egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's house... my sister and nephew were there as well however no pictures are up of them together thanks to Matthew's cousin-practically-brother (my sister Windy labeled him best as "he who must not be named online") not being allowed to have his photo online. You can thank his dad.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, and look for more cookies in a couple days - two of my new favorite cookie designs will be posted up soon!


  1. I love these pictures, Matthew's face is priceless!

    1. PS, I love the "he who must not be named online" comment ;)

    2. LOL hahaha! I loved that too:)

  2. Those bunny ears are the best! Matthew is so stink'n cute anyway, but those ears were just too much:) Elliott and I had so much fun - I'm glad we got to come along!